Can I use Home line with Ooma Office

New to Ooma Office. I run an at home office which I purchased Ooma Office for. I have ph 2 lines running into my house, 1 for business and 1 for home/personal use. What would be the best method to set up Ooma Office so I could port my home/personal line over to Office. I would not want friends or family to be routed thru the virtual assistant where they would be directed to my business.

So you’re saying port both your business and personal numbers, add both numbers to Office, but not have calls to the personal number route via the VR? Yes, in Office you can configure a number to directly ring an extension, rather than the VR.

Tom yes I would like to port both #'s to office. If I have the personal # go directly to an ext than I should be able to have the voicemail on that ext set up to take messages for the family?