Can I setup OOMA to automatically dial a number?

Can I setup OOMA to automatically dial a number? Like those security phones on collage campus that go straight to the security office.

Sometimes this is called Hotline feature, sometimes auto-dialing. I think hotels have courtesy phone setup to automatically call the front desk around the lobby,etc…


It’s not supported on MyOoma. Once set it’s the only number the telo will dial until unset.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand.

You said its not supported but it can somehow still be done? Can you please expand on that?


Correct, it’s not a setting you can control yourself. Would need to call support or post here. We use it at tradeshows.

This is the exact question I have also, posting here to see if this info is not outdated.
In my case the handset I plan to connect to the Telo wont have a number pad. Will I be able to contact customer support and have them configure a Telo or a Telo 4G to dial a single # when the handset is picked up?

Haven’t bought the units yet, will wait to confirm that they can be setup this way.