Calls Log Search

The search function in calls log is not working properly. Here are the main issues:

  1. you can only search one month at a time. WHY? who knows.
  2. within this month, you need to click on each tab separately to see if the number you are searching for is listed there. Some tabs might be empty but you won’t know until you go through all of them. So, even within a month, you still need to click on 15+ pages… This is just bad programming.
  3. the phone number needs to be listed in a specific (xxx) xxx-xxxx format. Otherwise it won’t find the number. Again, bad programming.
    Please fix it. We should be able to look for a number IN ANY FORMAT and get one list showing YEARLY activity.
    On a different note, the excel export function needs work as…

I agree - the functionality of this feature is lacking.

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