Calling Ooma number from Google Voice doesn't work

When I try to call using a typically Google Voice setup on an Android phone (Tried S7 and Pixel) to reach an Ooma number, it consistently doesn’t work and I get complete silence and after a min the line hangs-up. If I use the carrier number directly in my case T-Mobile works well. Ironically, when I use Google voice from my computer or my Android phone ‘pure VOIP’ via Hangouts to access an Ooma number, as well as from an Obihai device it works as well without a problem, though with 1 - 2 seconds delay is noticeable.

What’s going on, that’s a deal breaker for those who use Google Voice through their phone, and over 4+ years and countless phones I never had any issue with Google Voice reaching other phone numbers.

Ooma support, any help will be much appreciated?

Our QA could not reproduce using:

Carriers : ATT, T-mobile
Phones : Samsung S7 (Android 6.0.1) , Nexus 6P (Android 7)

Hi, thanks for checking out, I tried from 4 phones on T-Mobile (Pixel, S7, S7 Edge & Sony Xperia Z5 Compact):

  1. Using Google Voice set to (Use Google Voice for All Calls): never works and timesout with silence
  2. Using Hangouts VOIP Google Voice number: works after 5 - 10 secs silence at the beginning
  3. Using T-Mobile native number: works right away

My primary number which I tried to reach on Ooma was 201-771-xxxx along with all others on my account, consistent issue.

Can you please test using this number in case it is an isolated case. Can you confirm you where using Google voice over the carrier GSM and not VOIP over data?

Many thanks for your help, if Google Voice can’t reach Ooma numbers, this is bad news for 1 - 2 million avid Google Voice users who can’t reach our number.

please try again now

It’s a miss and hit using Google Voice on my phone. 3 out of 5 times it doesn’t time-out now after a weird pause for 5 - 15 secs. It’s a bit better when I use Hangouts VOIP i.e. the pause is around 5 seconds, and almost perfect when I use Google Voice over Obihai and immediate connection when I use my T-Mobile line directly.

The fear is that there will be people who can’t reach us and we won’t know about them if they’re simply using Google Voice’s default (Use google voice for all calls) setup! I tried to contact Google Voice for support but they don’t have anything other then forums as they’re free, but FYI I’ve never had any issue over the last 5 years using Google Voice to reach numbers.

We really love the Ooma Office service, and hope you guys help us get to the root cause of this.

One dangerous thing that may hit your clients ‘after they test and transfer their line’. We’re now forwarding few lines from Verizon to Ooma so that we test for a couple of weeks and then Port the number to Ooma natively and cancel Verizon. The issue with Google Voice ‘Doesn’t show up’ when we dial the Verizon number which forwards to Ooma, rather shows-up when we reach Ooma directly. Which means that our test period can seem working well while forwarding and after we port the number we’ll start getting complaint.

If you can get back to use with recommendations or assertions that there’s a known issue that will be fixed, it will be much appreciated.

All your Office numbers are with one of our inbound carriers. It appears there’s some issue in the interconnect between GV’s terminating carrier and our inbound one. Only way to resolve this is to open a ticket with our T3 support and provide detailed recent call examples. The inbound carrier can then trace the call. The problem may well be on GV’s end.