Caller ID when making a call

I have 2 voice lines and a fax. I have the fax hooked to the base unit (per Ooma’s preferred set up). When I call someone the # that appears on caller ID is my fax #. I assume this is because the fax is hooked to the base unit. My concern is someone will assume that is my voice line and dial the fax #. With 3 lines, is there a way to choose which # shows up on someone’s caller ID?

You can choose your default outgoing callerid here:
Or you can call Ooma customer service to have another number show up as the primary or top number:

I just contacted Customer Care to change my outgoing call name and they indicated it would be a $19.95 charge to make the change. Outrageous.

Just have them change the order of phone numbers. Swap your primary and secondary numbers in order. No charge.

This will change the default outgoing callerid number. It is up to the receiving carrier to lookup your callerid name.

You can look up yours here: pretty accurate for the most part.

If you want to change your callerid name in the different national databases, you’d be charged $19.99.

I just called CS and they changed the order so the correct # now shows when I call out. I have 3 #'s so I guess it was just a matter of switching the order. No charge as far I know.

The change fee only applies to our residential service. There is no charge for Ooma Office users.

Oops. The rates page does have an Ooma Office section now:

Yes, go under the “Advanced” tab for the configuration of the extension. Here, you can select which phone number is used for outgoing caller-ID.