Caller ID only shows name

When I receive a call on my Ooma Office, the caller ID only displays the name of the person calling, no number. When I try and use the caller ID to return a call, it responds with “no number”. Is this a hardware setting?

What is the phone brand and model you are using? Does this issue occur on all calls or only on some of them?

If it occurs on only some of them, please PM me which callers and date/time you received the calls where it shows the number and where it does not show it.

It happens to be an AT&T CL2939 corded phone. Previously I had Ooma residential and never experienced the problem. The calls coming in are from regular residential landlines.

So you have the issue on ALL calls?

Since you have an Ooma Telo and an Ooma Office Base Station, can you call from the phone attached to the Ooma Telo to the AT&T CL2939 phone attached to the Ooma Office Base Station and check if you still see the name only with no number?

Did you try with another phone with caller-id display if you have available ones?

Can you try again connecting the AT&T CL2939 to the Telo and try incoming calls?

From my Ooma res. it comes through with the number, but no name. When I call from my cell phone it comes up with my name, but no number.

Interesting, I switched phones and a different cordless phone came up with both name and number. Maybe I need to check the AT&T phone for caller ID settings. It’s just the AT&T phone was the same phone I had been using on the Ooma res.

Last night when I connected the other phone and received both the name and number on the caller ID, I did not check to see if I could dial out with the caller ID info. As it turns out, it will not dial out. I get the dial tone, then several seconds of silence followed by the Ooma sound. My email notifications of a message show all the caller ID info, so Ooma is definitely receiving it.