Caller ID Name

We ported our service over a few months ago, no complaints but I have noticed that we no longer see Caller ID Name, we only see the caller ID number. Is this a setting somewhere? Is it something we need to configure?

Do you subscribe to Premier service?
Basic service is caller ID number only.

I do not and I guess that answers my question. Thank you.

You can add the number to your phone book and assign a name to it. Now when it rings it will show the caller display.

Use your online control panel to assign the names.

I have premier and within the past few days the name is not showing up with the number.

Just checked to make sure my Premier is active and it is. What is the issue? Anyone else with Premier experiencing this?

My caller ID sends my personal name, not my business name. Also, the sent phone number randomly changes between my business numbers. Call to Ooma have been useless.