Caller Hears 5 Rings, my phone rings twice before voicemail

We have had this problem for a week now. The phone rings and if we pick up on the second ring, it’s dead air. Then we get a voicemail notification. We have determined that the caller is hearing 5 rings before the voicemail picks up, but we only hear 2 on our end.

I checked our pickup settings online. It was set to pick up at 4 rings, after we started having trouble, we changed it to 5 rings, but we still only hear two rings.

Now if it’s a call that I don’t want to answer, like from a random telemarketer, I don’t answer it.Then the phone will ring 4 or 5 times before it goes to voicemail. It’s only the local calls from family members that we answer that are the problem.

We have reset the unit more than once.

From Ooma Support:
Where can I change the number of rings before the Ooma voicemail picks up a call?
You can change the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail by doing the following:

Log into your My Ooma account and navigate to the Voicemail menu under the Preferences tab
Under Pickup timeout menu in the General Settings section, choose the number of seconds you’d like to have pass before your Ooma voicemail picks up a call
Save your settings and wait for a few minutes for the change to take effect

This is not the problem that I am having. I changed the ring setting from 4 to 5 rings to see if the problem would persist.
The problem is the same for 4 or 5 rings. The caller hears 2-5 rings and voicemail picks up. I hear no more than 2 rings and no one is there when I answer. If I answer at one ring, there is no one on the line and it’s already gone to voicemail, if I answer at 2 rings, there is no one on the line and it’s already gone to voicemail. It rarely rings more than 2 times before going to voicemail.

There are NUMEROUS threads on this topic in the last two weeks, all detailing similar problems.