Call Waiting....?

I have a general question. Through the gracious help of others on this site, I’ve successfully set up my 4-line phones in series so that all of my phones will ring on all lines. I have only successfully ported one number over so far, but more will be coming and I wanted to find out how Ooma will treat the calls. We have a “main” phone line, which most customers will use. If this phone line was in use when someone else calls in…will Ooma route it to another line automatically so that someone else can pick up the phone? I don’t want to have 1 line in use and another caller to the same number not be able to get through.

Interested in this answer as well.


You’d have to have Linx (or HD2 handset) and connect another phone (system) to it in order to have ability to answer another incoming call (or make an outgoing call) while a call is in progress. You can have max of 2 concurrence calls.

2 concurrent calls for a telo but up to 10 concurrent calls for Ooma Office.

Oops, sorry wasn’t aware which board I was on.