Call Queuing

Does the Ooma office have some sort of call queuing?

Short answer is no or not yet.

I just tested this with the Office with only 1 extension active (disabled all Linx adapters) and had voicemail turned off to see what happens. I setup the Virtual Receptionist to answer the calls. Then I made 3 simultaneous calls to the Office. The VR picked up all calls. I pressed 0 on the 1st phone to ring the Office. Use the phone on the base of the Office to answer call. At this time the Office is occupied with the first phone call. Since all the Linx are deactivated, I do not have the capability to answer another call.

Then on the 2nd phone, I pressed 0 to ring the Office. All I hear on the 2nd phone is a ring tone. On the Office side, I hear the call-waiting tone on the base phone. Then the call drops since voicemail is not activated.

If Call Queuing works (like on a pbx), the VR would have kicked in to say something like “everyone is busy assisting other customers, please continue to hold. If you want to leave a message, press 1”

Thanks. Looks like I’ll have to look for something else then. :slight_smile:

Freedom Voice offers Call Queuing. Their lowest plan is $10/month with a 300 minutes limit. Call Queuing is additional $10/month

Is this something that can be / or has been requested for Ooma Office? Even if it was an additional fee, I’d be inclined to buy it, as it’s something that some businesses need.

Unfortunately, this forum only has requested features. There’s no way of knowing what Ooma is working on. For better communication to the Ooma community, what Ooma needs to have is a list of which requested features are accepted for implementation and have been submitted to the development team, and estimated dates of deployment.

I hate to do this in the Ooma forum, but you’d have to search for an unlocked fxs gateway box, because the Ooma boxes (Hub, Telo, and Office) are locked to Ooma’s server. Then you can search for other services that offer Call Queue.

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