Call quality is fine, but messages are not

Seems when calls connected they sound fine… internet connection is great (cable connection) but when connecting to extensions, or having the system play the text to speech messages they sound scratchy and even when they end playing sounds like static … and sometimes the messages drop out… why? This should be speed independent as its cloud based I’m told from your support.

Anyway to improve this?

I get the same broken scratchiness when listening to messages online and talking to most people at Ooma Support. It would seem Ooma’s phone systems are really bad examples of the product they are selling. I had to hang up on many phone support calls as I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I haven’t had that problem with any other people elsewhere.

I have been embarrassed several times when attempting to show off the online message centre to prospective customer friends and relatives, as the quality is typically so bad on playback, even from different locations and computers.

I’ve only noticed that the last little while. I thought it was the speaker on the HD2.

Probably just a temporary bug.

405Media is an Office customer so moved the topic to Office.