Call Quality Drops When Other Calls Come In

We are a doctor’s office with 3 base stations and 9 extensions. When our users are on the phone, they report a dramatic drop in call quality (“robotic” and basically unintelligible) when other calls come in. The bases are connected to the LAN ports of our router because there is a firewall device between modem and router. Have been calling Ooma Support for several weeks at this point, we’ve tried updating the base station software, no luck. Is this a known issue to anyone? What should we do?

See if all the calls are dragging down your internet. You may need a faster internet connection or you could possibly reduce the bandwidth of each call to prevent overload.

OK, how do we reduce call bandwidth? I seem to remember seeing some sort of device interface screen (not the web portal) where we could manage those kinds of settings, but I seem to forget where to access it…

Any updates on this? We have the same issue. Any additional incoming calls completely wrecks call quality on existing calls for roughly 10 seconds. Starting to become a problem.

Same here