Call logs is outdated

I just recently joined the Ooma family and trying to set some default on the portal and see how it works.
I am interested in reviewing the call logs to see who called in.
The data showing on the site, stopped updating itself since last week (about a day after I joined).

Interestingly enough, the main dashboard does show recent calls (calling statistics) but the true call log is stuck.

Only thing I can think of …

Last week I installed the phone. everything worked.
Since I needed to transfer my phone # I disconnected the device till the transfer took place.
The transfer took place this week so I now connected the phone.

Can it be the stats shows only my original phone number stats and the new one?

The call log is generated in the Telo. If it’s not connected, it can’t generate the call log.

That is fine. I am missing calls from the point in which I reconnected the device.

Try removing the cookies on your browser that have been left by the My Ooma website, then log in with your current number and take another look at the call log. Or, try using a different browser.

You may wish to examine this thread of mine:

I cannot get the logs feature to functions as it should.
Switching browsers is apparently the only troubleshooting step available.