Call Forwarding to another extension/ring group

We would like to be able to have incoming calls be handled differently during business hours and after hours, however, that does not appear to be possible without manually changing the settings using the Ooma Office web portal. This is something that we would like to avoid, so I have been trying to find a creative solution. I have spoken with customer service several times and have gotten different responses, so I am left to post here to try to get an elevated response.

The main phone line is received by Ring Group A which is composed of one extension (101) - A ring group is used so that if it is not answered, the call can be sent to the virtual receptionist.

During business hours, this configuration will work, but after hours, we would like for extension 101 to forward calls to Ring Group B (4 physical extensions in the office). Instead of changing the phone number’s receiving settings within the web portal, we were thinking about trying to implement call forwarding instead, but call forwarding requires a phone number and will not allow forwarding to an internal extension or ring group.

Creative work around (possible?):
If we purchased a secondary Ooma phone number and it is received by Ring Group B, what would happen if we had extension 101 forward calls to this secondary Ooma phone number? Is there any internal issue here that may cause problems? Is this a creative work around to enable call forwarding from Extension 101 to Ring Group B (I would have to assume that Extension 101 could NOT be included in Ring Group B)? But if configured properly, is this possible or should I avoid it completely?