Call forwarding stopped

Ooma support ticket 160912-000836 was just the latest ticket for my trouble. Two weeks ago I suddenly noticed that my cellphone no longer rang as per my Call Forwarding settings on This feature has worked flawlessly for years.

Telo rings as normal. I’ve tried to forward to other numbers. Removed the forwarding and re-add after logging off/on. Tried the app. No matter what I or Ooma tech support do, it’s a no go.

Has anyone else had this problem? Should we just close the account and open under a different account number?

Thank you.

Do you have a Nest app enabled? I was having the same forwarding problem and that’s what it turned out to be, I turned Nest off and now my calls are forwarding ok.

Yes, and I figured that out after I looked at Apps. Thank you for your quick answer.

You are welcome, but the thanks really goes to Tom B. He pointed out the Nest setting to me because I had totally forgotten that I had it set. :slight_smile: