Call Forwarding Schedule

We need a schedule option for call forwarding. A slider like the virtual receptionist would be perfect. I use an after hours answering service so my clients never get a machine and always get a real person. My service activates at 5 PM, so every day I have to go in and activate my call forwarding and then every morning have to go back in and deactivate it. If I forget at night, I may potentially loose after hours business, if I forget in the morning, I get a nasty gram from my answering service.

I cannot believe I am the only person that would want this feature. I also don’t think it would be all that hard to implement.



You’re not the only person looking for this feature. I would like to see scheduling available for each extension (both physical and virtual) which would allow scheduling call forwarding or direct to voicemail.

I concur. This feature could make a good product even better.


I’ve just installed at a client that is a current Bell Canada Single Number Reach customer. Like Google Voice, the Bell SNR product allows her to ring her office number on a schedule and then have an alternate schedule for forwarding to her cell. She was fairly bothered to find out this was not possible with Ooma Office.

With Ooma Telo, I can just forward all calls from the main Canadian number to Google Voice and then back to the secondary US number (because Google Voice won’t forward to Canadian numbers), but this requires two numbers. It gets too costly with Ooma Office to do it the same way. Small business owners need this feature built in to Ooma Office. Simply saying the office is closed in not an option for many small business owners. They need clients to be able to reach them almost anytime.

I realize one could just set long office hours and setup simultaneous ringing of local and remote numbers, but for many running small businesses from their homes with multiple remote employees, they don’t want their office phone ringing all the time, disturbing their families in the evening.

I’ll throw in a vote for this feature as well. It would be very useful.

need this, PLEASE

I agree! Recently I set up an Ooma Office system where the user group wanted to live answer their phones, and the selected extension was a ring group that would ring all the phones and then if no one picked up it would transfer to the virtual receptionist and then used the open or closed greeting and gave the appropriate menu options.

Perhaps this could also be a virtual receptionist feature, but if the extension could be scheduled then after business hours the calls would go directly to the virtual receptionist and to the selected menu option/voice mail.

I vote for the call forwarding scheduler as well. i have to manually change the call forwarding option every day, sometimes I forget, I lose business.

I would also like to be able to schedule call forwarding and blocking. I use Ooma for my home number, and would like to automatically limit who can call me during the hours I’m normally trying to sleep.

Why isn’t this simple solution available yet? This was posted over a year ago!

Call forwarding scheduling capabilities would be marvelous. I also vote for quiet time schedule with optional whitelist for people who should be able to call you even in the middle of the night (as has been mentioned in another thread quite some time ago).

This feature should have been added a long time ago. This feature request forum seems more like a dead letter office.

Ooma office is missing tons of features that the competition has.