Call blocking for Ooma Office

This one is a no brainer… I called OOMA support asking how to block spam calls, the tech said they do not have this service and it is only on the home version. I then asked since I moved my telecom services over to OOMA why am I getting 100’s more spam calls, robo calls and telemarketers calling my number, tech replied he did not know. I then pressed them asking if they sell our #'s to 3rd parties he then asked if I had any other issues, as if to change the subject. I asked again is there a class action lawsuit current or past against OOMA Office for selling private information, he again asked if I had any other questions today>>>> I am wondering now if this company does sell our info.

Anyone else getting a crazy amount of spam, robo and tele calls?

I was told that Call Blocking is going to be available in the next release of Ooma Office. 7/20/2018.
I keep getting a spam caller that I would like to block.

Call blocking is on the test version now and should be released Q1 2019.

Not to worry, you aren’t/weren’t really missing anything. The call blocking doesn’t really work.

Call blocking is now here:

Awesome, Thank you for the update!

Shouldn’t the Virtual Receptionist eliminate robocalls? I suspect it would prevent a lot of other junk calls too.