Call Block Improvement

I am getting some telemarketers that use the same phone number but change their caller ID. It would be nice to be able to block numbers by Phone Number and/or Caller ID Name.

I am also getting some telemarketers use caller ID strings that are similar. For example one is always the letter V followed by a series of numbers. I never have anyone call that begins with the letter V. I would block to be able to block V*

I also have telemarketers that seem to own a block of numbers in the same area code and same first 3 digits (is that called the exchange?)

I would love to block numbers with wildcards as follows (561) ???-??? or (305) 356-???

Then maybe it would be good to be able to add a specific number or set of numbers in within a restricted block. So I could enter (305) 356-1000 and only allow that number to come through. I dont have a need for this last part, but I athink others might.

Just a thought.

For the area code and exchange blocking, use wildcard 305356* for example.