Calculating a 10 minute USA call from K8P2N6 with Ooma Basic

I want to know exactly what the cost is for a 10 minute USA call using Ooma Basic service.

Calling US from Canada with Ooma Basic without any international plan; need to have prepaid account loaded with some $.
If you call another Ooma number, it’d be free.

Otherwise, looking at this page:

CAD$ 0.016 per minute
Add Federal Universal Service Fund (FUSF) fee that changes quarterly and usually ranges from 15 to 18%
Add connection fee of 3.9¢ per call

10 Min call, the calculation = CAD$ 0.16 + FUSF 0.024 or 0.029 + Connection Fee 0.039 = CAD$ 0.22 to CAD$ 0.23 depending on whether FUSF is 15% or 18%.

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