Bye Bye ooma office

Next week Comcast is coming back in to my business and ooma office is going on ebay or in the trash can. I guess at $15.00 a month, you get what you pay for. I’ve had ooma at home for 5 years without incident, but it’s been a complete nightmare at work. Right now every call I make just goes back to dial tone and every incoming goes to voice mail. Voice mail is another fun thing, probably 50% of the time when checking voice mail, pressing 7 to delete give you a dial tone. No problem, just waste more time dialing back in and delete all over again. Faxing has never worked, had to reorder a fax line months ago.

My business needs a reliable phone service, not a discount hit or miss service. Bye bye ooma.

Your internet at work must be terrible.

If your business and your home is at different location (different Modem & Router), try taking the Ooma Office to your home and test it there and see if you have the same results.

Thats what I say… I’m at 35M up and down and this Ooma Office is fantastic… calls are great and flexible too!

Sorry you were having troubles, but I’ve been using the office unit since before they were released to the public as a beta tester. I love it, it works flawlessly and is very flexible. Like other said, check your Internet connection. It may not seem like there’s a problem when browsing a webpage but it could be causing you issues with your phone service.