Blocking spoofed caller ID calls ?

The most current spam caller technology involves using caller ID spoofing that assigns a random number to your area code and exchange. So the calls ‘look’ like they are from ‘someone local’, when in fact they are robo calls. Despite being wildly illegal in the US by law, they are still being done (of course).

Is there a technology that Ooma can adopt that will allow us to block these ?

on the call blocking page select to only allow calls from people you know (your contacts), send everything else not already on a block list to voicemail

Dude I’m pretty sure at this point that Ooma Office is deliberately selling the phone numbers and details of their Office clients to spammers.

I proved my theory by registering about 10 new numbers, which I can ABSOLUTELY CONFIRM are not recycled or reused from a previous business or individual. Long story short, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM had spam calls coming in ASKING FOR THE USERS I CREATED IN THE OFFICE PORTAL BY NAME.

At this point, nothing Ooma can say will convince me otherwise. I just blame myself for not switching carriers a year ago.