Blocking junk callers

I can’t find the option to block callers, or the “Nomorobo” option that others talk about. I have tried looking through the UI for users and administration, and support docs, and can’t find the answer. I just installed the Ooma Office X2 Linx system.

I should probably make a new topic for this, but the “Alternative network installations” link on seems to be broken when it links to . I was trying to find some guidelines for QOS and port forwarding, I’ll make another post if I can’t figure it out on my own.

Nomorobo (Expanded Blacklist) is only available for Ooma Home users.

I can’t find any of the other blacklisting options either. Are the all call blocking features only for the home system? If so that sounds crazy to me.

This feature request was posted in the wrong forum by a different poster:

But, you can put a similar blacklisting request, under “suggestions and feature requests,” in the Office forum if you wish.

Is the ooma office system new? It seems much less powerful than the home system. The only advantage I see is multiple direct lines/extensions, and unfortunately that is not something my company has any plans on using in the near future. Is it possible to exchange an Office system for a home system and keep my number?

Is Nomorobo available only to Premier & not for home users :question: If so :frowning: (

Premier subscribers only.