OK I have made entries into my ‘personal’ blacklist (query calls, information requests, surveys, general sales calls, robocalls, etc.)

I also have made personal persons that I add from time to time. One more recent entry was a nagging relative that finally ‘crossed the line’ with me. After several months (by the way I LOVE!!! the fact that you can send these blacklisted numbers to a disconnected number recording, someone was on the ball)

Anyway, like I said this person was added several months ago, bringing my total on my ‘personal blacklist’ to 128 entries. When I found it necessary to remove blacklist status from this relative, I found the process exceedingly difficult.
I had to search one by one, line by line, until I found the entry I wanted deleted, and then only to find that the delete (trash can icon) did not work… aside from the fact that you provide NO SEARCH OPTION (NEEDED BADLY)

I ended having to call chat support, whom I hate because they know nothing. It has been my experience that if I need anything more difficult than to ask their name, they have problems solving anything past their spelling of their first name and it takes always more than an hour.

Further when I ask for a copy of the chat (they can email it to you, BUT I always copy it to notebook first and that is a good thing) because they never do send a copy, probably because they fear what management might feel about the way they handled the call…I can post many chats that will help you to conclude that they are totally ignorant. Not level three techs like Norm, for EXAMPLE WHO ARE EXCELLENT (are you listening Don C.??? I really need your new phone number as the old one just goes to voice mail)