Blacklist for the Office for each extension

This was already done in another post somewhere. I’m posting it again with the proper title in the subject/topic just in case an Ooma administrator or moderator misses the request.

Blacklist already exists for the Telo. I’d like it to be implemented in the Office.


“Blacklist already exists for the Telo. I’d like it to be implemented in the Office.”

I agree, I sold the idea of going to Ooma to my boss, thinking the black list would be in the Ooma Office system, like it is for my home Ooma. I look bad to find it is not there.

On the plus side, everyone at my work likes the new Ooma Office system and it is working fine for the phone lines and our FAX machine.

But I do hope the black list is added later.


For a small company with a multipurpose officejet that is the fax machine spam faxes or unwanted faxes are a big problem because these unwanted faxes waste, or, drain, or deplete the small ink cartridges in these devices. This problem becomes very costly. This is not a regional problem but a global problem all businesses around the world are experiencing. Small businesses make up well over 80% of the businesses in the world and Ooma Office is directly aimed at this market. What’s more, the Ooma Office service is VOIP meaning it is all IT based service and everyone knows that adding a Call Block feature is simple and can easily accommodate all subscribers.

I find it hard to believe that Ooma doesn’t recognize this or has not been asked to provide a Call Blocker feature with the Ooma Office service. In fact, Ooma offers this service for the Home service but not for the Office service. That is a stupid business decision to not offer this feature for the Ooma Office service when you already offer it for home use and your target market for Ooma Office is small business. Come on Ooma, get it right. Offer the call block feature for Ooma Office.

We used to get a lot of spam faxes. I “unsubscribed” to all that I received and kept a copy of the unsubscribe. Any that sent again, I turned a complaint into the Attorney General. I have received a couple of checks from the Attorney General for the complaints that I filed from the fines that they assessed the spammer.
since I started doing that, my spam faxes have dropped to almost zero.

PLEASE add Blacklist for Ooma office. It seems counter intuitive (from a marketability standpoint to EXCLUDE a particular feature when a person UPGRADES to a higher lever of service.