Blacklist error

Somehow my lobby phone ( entry system into my condo) has been added to the blacklist. This is terrible. My father has nurses and PT and OT everyday. My phone rings once and then goes to blacklist and i cannot buzz anyone into the bldg. I must stay by the phone all day and then when it rings from the lobby i have to go downstairs and physically let the nurse into the bldg. I have removed all blacklists from my account and yet the lobby phone still goes to blacklist. I only have a few numbers listed as my blacklist ( microsoft scammers, politicians, cops wanting money for their “party.” SO I have unsigned from all community blacklists. It still rings once and then goes to VM and I cannot buzz in the medical personell. Is there anyway to remove a phone number ( my number) so that NOTHING goes to blacklist

If the call reaches the telo then it’s not blacklisted, so you can turn your call blocking back on. It won’t affect this problem. Logs show calls coming in from this number ending in 1046 and the call being answered on the first ring. If the phone stops ringing after the first ring it’s typically because the other side hung up. Please provide a day where you remember not getting to the phone in time.

The manager claims it is my number but that might be a lie. I should have had her reprogram in my current number. Oh well, she can reprogram the new number tomorrow. Thanks. There is a weird arrow with a line through it and a pic of a telephone when people call from the lobby. Itt is on my panasonic cordless phone.

I also had a phone call from Apria Healthcare and after about 5 seconds I was disconnected from them. SO i called back 4 times and each time after aprox 5 seconds I was disconnected. When i called the Apria Healthcare 1 800 number I was on hold for 33 minutes so the call went though. The other Apria number which called me allowed the person to answer the phone and say “Apria heathcare…” and then i started speaking and was disconnected. I don’t know if it is related to the lobby phone issue. But i don’t know why Apria would an the phone and then hang up on me. I got a call from the Medicinne shop and it went through ok today. I called my phone with someone elses phone and it was ok. We’ll see when bf calls tonight if his call goes through. I feel like my phone is bipolar or something.

Not sure what happened to my other message but I went down to the lobby and tested it myself. It rang once and then i was disconnected. I came upstairs and my father said it rang once. My phone had that weird pic with the arrow through it. So it is not the other party hanging up. I stood in the lobby and called the number and there was one ring.

I signed up for another phone number and manager will program it into the lobby system tomorrow. Hopefully it will work. I unplugged ooma and then tested the lobby phone again but it still only rang once.