Be Humanistic during business hours.

Two steps are needed to be humanistic during business hours:

  1. During Business Hours: Ring to an extension of a live human. If that live human does not answer in five rings, then go to the automated attendant.

  2. During non-business hours: Ring directly to the automated attendant. Do not ring the live human’s extension.

    So, during work hours, most of the time when people call they will get a live human being saying "How can I help you?’ unless that human is away from their desk.

After work hours the phone rings directly to the automated attendant so that if someone calls in the middle of the night, it will not ring my employees phone buy be answered directly by the automated assistant.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Gary Sipos

Currently only way to do this is to map your phoneno to a ring group (with VR failover configured) during business hours and to the VR after hours.

Tom B.

Your suggestion does not solve my goal.

If one assigns a cell phone to a ring group during work hours, even after hours it will ring to my employees cell phone first, then go to the V.R.

My goal is during work hours it will ring my employees cell first then go to the V.R. and AFTER hours that it will not ring my employees cell phone first, and it would ring directly to the V.R.

Your solution has my employees cell phone ringing first during business hours and non-business hours.

Tom B. Thanks for trying to answer my question. I do really appreciate it. But please in the future, think closely on your logic, as your logic fails and your reply does not solve my question or my goal.

As said, map your phoneno to the VR after hours. In the after hours menu you can then offer whatever options you like.