Basic Business Configuration for Call Hunt/Rollover

I just setup my new Ooma Office hardware for 3 lines and it works well. We need basic call hunting for the three lines without using the call attendant. Our customers do not like using call automated attendants.

In Office Manager, setup a ring group for the extensions you want to ring to bypass the automated attendant (virtual receptionist). Then under “phone numbers” choose the main phone number that you want all phones to ring.

If an extension is busy on a line with a customer and a 2nd call comes in, the person on the call would hear a call-waiting beep and other extensions will ring so that someone else can answer the 2nd call.

“Call Hunting” works as “ring groups” in Office

Yes, it is true there is no rollover feature in Ooma office and this is the way it has to work for now. The suggested ring group setup works with normal phones in place, but won’t work as a true rollover unfortunately. It would be better if the call could be rolled over to the next line. We have a very nice phone system in place. I had hoped to route the three lines into our existing system (just like AT&T lines) and be able to use our in place phone system. Unfortunately, line one always rings and there is no “rollover” feature. Maybe that will change in the future? It would be a great feature and save companies lots of money having to re-equip phones and downgrade their hardware.

Just a suggestion.