Base Station Install Woes

My office has the following setup:

Cable Modem → Wireless Router → server → switch

I have not successfully installed my system yet.

ATTEMPT #1: CABLE MODEM ----> Base Station —> Wireless Router → PC
RESULT: OOMA doesn’t work (light keeps flashing orange), and I lose internet connectivity.

ATTEMPT #2: Cable modem → Wireless Router → Wireless Router #2 → OOMA + PC in separate ports
RESULT: OOMA works great, but the PC loses the ability to be part of the workgroup, cannot share files

ATTEMPT #3: Cable Modem → Wireless Router → Server → Switch → OOMA
RESULT: OOMA gets Dial tone, but cannot dial out. Internet Connectivity preserved.

I would like to do #1 or #2 somehow but I am stumped.

Suggestions always welcome.

First - What is a “Base Station”? have to assume a business unit.

Be sure your Ooma box is hooked up with the correct port facing the WAN and LAN.

Try powering down all and powering up from Wan/External in with a good minute for each to allow for full auto-config of IP addresses etc.

I have mine Cable modem—>Router---->Telo & 8 Wi-Fi devices & switch ------>5 PCs. Works fine.
I activated QoS in the router but it only slows down other devices somewhat and I can’t detect any difference to the Telo.

Interrogate your router to determine if it issued IP to Ooma box.

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