Auto-attendant auto transfer

I’ve requested this feature, as have others, multiple times in the past. I keep getting told that new features are coming that will make massive changes to the system. Still, nothing.

All I need is to be able to tell the auto-attendant to either forward the call to an extension or to an extensions voicemail after either the regular or after hours greeting is played, respectively.

I’m a one-man show, it’s just me. As it stands I am forced to make callers press a key to get through to sales and during after hours, I’m forced to make them press a key to leave a message.

If I forego the auto-attendant I can’t take advantage of business hours nor can I take advantage of custom-recorded greetings.

There is currently no solution to this very simple problem. At all.

If I don’t see this fix being discussed and implemented soon, I’m going to have to start looking for another provider.