Attended Transfer to Virtual Extension

For Ooma Office, I am attempting to follow the instructions on the website to do an Attended Transfer to a virtual extension. I keep getting a voice message that the “Transfer is not allowed.”

Anybody have any suggestions?

Default is 1 line (can’t make another simultaneous call; to virtual line while a call is going on) so I think you need at least 1 more line?

Some of the terminology confuses me at times. According to my billing page, I pay for 7 extensions, 1 phone number. At the time we are having the transfer problem, here’s the activity:

Incoming call is answered at Extension 103 (Lynx device). If my assistant attempts the Attended Transfer, we get an error message. If she attempts the Blind Transfer, it works.

No other extensions in the system are in use at the time.

A virtual extension would be linked to an external phone number.
You need at least two lines to make a call out while an incoming call is active.

Is a “line” an extension or a number? Your terminology is confusing me.

It’s neither. It’s a connection path to the Ooma server. The number of lines determines how many external phone calls can be in progress at the same time. With only one line an internal extension can call a virtual extension but an incoming call can’t be transferred to a virtual extension because you need one line for the incoming call and a second line for the outgoing call.

If the problem is that I don’t have a second “line”, then why can we do a Blind Transfer, just not an Attended?

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