AT&T 2 Line Corded Phone Problems

Hi, I have just installed OOMA OFFICE and i can receive and answer calls with ease using the handset on my AT&T 17929 Phone. HOWEVER… When I attempt to dial out, I cannot get a dial tone on the handset of the phone, only using speakerphone… I thought this was a phone related issue, but how can i talk on the handset during a phone call without problems but i can’t get a dial tone trying to dial out??? OOMA Not compatible with this? It was recommended by the Ooma representative… HELP!

I would suggest that your try flipping the Ooma connection to the 2nd line of your phone.

Here is my experience.
I have a Nortel 3-line land-line phone. When I connect the Ooma Telo to line 1 the phone has a very short ring then stops ringing at all. Connecting the Telo to line 2 or 3 and the phone rings normally. Interestingly, when I connect the Linx to line 1 (or 2 or 3) the phone rings normally. Ooma has not been able to make any changes to settings they fix the problem (though they tried) so I will just live with this quirk.

Hope this helps.

ugh i wish this solved the problem… but nothing. i changed the phone cords (to the handset and linx) and i have also connected directly to the OOMA station. It’s so bizarre that I can get a dial tone no problem when i hit speakerphone, but even when i select handset after getting a dial tone, not working. It must be the phone.