Apple HomeKit Compatibility with Ooma Security

I’ve been a happy Ooma customer for almost 7 years. I recently discovered Ooma Home Security (everything just works so I don’t go to MyOoma very often), and am considering adding the Home Security features. Everything actually looks very nice…although I would sure appreciate more detailed information about everything. A lot of the info is there but you really have to dig to find it.

The subject says it all…would like to see HomeKit compatibility with Ooma Home Security. HomeKit is the common denominator that brings the brands and devices together into a single framework. Please add this.

I saw someone else ask for IFTTT support…I 2nd that request. HomeKit and IFTTT would be awesome!!!

Thank you.

I would second this request. Now that HomeKit allows software authentication, this should be a no brainer.

Please add HomeKit.


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