answering multiple phone no on 4 Line phone

I need to have 4 direct phone lines, one each for 4 business names. I need to identify which business is being called and answer with the business name. Can I use Linx units each set up to receive one phone number directly and feed then into a four Line phone so that we can identify which number is being called.

If this will work, do the linx units and the base station need to be separated by a certain distance so as not to interfere with each other.


You can do it with a Telo and 3 Linx. 3 Linx would be personal devices and 1 phone plugged into Telo. The downside with this setup with 1 Telo is you can only have 2 concurrent phone calls at a time. Cost: 1 Premier at $9.99/month 2 additional numbers at $4.99/month each (Premier includes 2 numbers).

Or you can have 2 Telos and 2 Linx. 2 Linx will be personal devices. 1 phone plugged into each Telo. Each Telo can have 2 concurrent conversations at a time. Cost: 2 Premier at $9.99/month each.

You should be able to get the Linx in close proximity without issues.