Another vote for a whitelist feature

Hello, I just got my Ooma a few weeks ago and (of course) love it.

One of my favorite features of Ooma is the blacklist with wildcard feature.

But I can already see that there is going to be a limitation to this (even with the 250 entries allowed), as I get at least 3 calls a day from scammers which are always changing their numbers. Besides I’d rather not get the calls in the first place.

So if Ooma reads this forum, just wanted to chime in here and throw my support behind whitelisting as others have mentioned.


Would Love Back listing!!!

/signed (agree, whatever… do it NOW!)

I think it would be easier to up the Blacklist to 1000 for now as Ooma looks at the Whitelist feature.

I setup my forums account for the specific purpose of saying “another vote” for the whitelist feature. Adding the political telemarketers to the blacklist has become a fruitless game of whack-a-mole.

One solution would be if numbers in your contacts would override the blacklist. Then, I could just put “*” into the blacklist and have the equivalent of a whitelist. Sadly (and questionably), the blacklist will even block numbers in your contacts. :frowning:

Come on, Ooma, a quick search shows that people have been requesting this feature since early 2012! Put an engineer or two on it!

  • Jim

And make it faster and easier to add numbers to the blacklist, please. On my cell phone with Mr.Number, I can block future calls in 30 seconds. With Ooma, it takes several minutes to blacklist a number.

PLEASE add the ability to use my Google Contacts list as my Ooma phone list.

Also why I made an account. Please, please, please add a white list feature!
I subscribed to Premier purely for the blocking feature.

We have extreme… I don’t know what it’s called exactly, I call it number phishing. We get several calls a day where no one picks up, then you get a call immediately after with a telemarketer/phisher. You block one number, they just come at you with another. I have a max of 15 numbers that should call. If I could just put those numbers in instead of doing a massive wildcard block, that would be great.

I did wind up doing a massive wildcard block, for three important numbers. I’ll need to go through and edit my other numbers (doctor’s offices, etc) in at some point. Really quite a pain.

With another week to go until Election Day, I sure wish I could automatically blacklist everyone except those who are on my contact list. It would be a lot simpler to add to my contact list rather than adding endless numbers to the blacklist. I wouldn’t think it would be that hard to implement and many customers have requested it.

I also request a whitelist. However, I also request that it be “schedulable”. For example, I would like to list just a few really important numbers that can ring my phone between midnight and 8am on weekdays, when I’m on vacation, or when I don’t want to be disturbed. During those times, fully blocked numbers should get a call blocked message, and normally allowed numbers should go straight to voicemail.

I also second the request of another poster, who wants the ability to set a personal whitelist that overrides the community blacklists. It’s rare, but sometimes I need to get a call from one of them, ie when I’m actually trying to buy something from one of those vendors.

I am not certain that the contacts list should be used as a whitelist. Consider an “ex-boyfriend” contact, only kept in contacts so the name will be recognized, and the call avoided!.

Have you heard of “nomorobo”? See the August issue of Consumer Reports, page 8. Looks like a good answer BUT OOMA does not yet support it.

Yes they do. Premier subscribers can enable Nomorobo by checking a box.

Correct. Office users don’t have Ooma’s Blacklisting features.

Ooma premier now supports nomorobo. Don’t know about basc telo. Office supports zero blacklisting to my knowledge (go figure). That’s why I “downgraded” from my original office trial that telo premier. Blacklisting trumped automated attendant.

Basic service does not have any blacklisting features. And there is no multi-ring, so you would not be able to use Nomorobo with Basic.

With so many Office users working from home, I also believe that blacklisting should be available with Office.

As long as we are overhauling call screening rules, my idea call disposition would be this:
Ooma black listed - block call
Nomorobo black list - block call
White list (the diametric opposite of black list) -Ooma contacts - always accept call
No caller ID - our choice custom message or recording
No caller name - our choice of custom message or recording

Did I miss anything?

How long is it going to take for Ooma to add a whitelist? Either that, or let Ooma users use NoMoRobo directly (they DO allow a whitelist.)

This morning I asked support chat about it, and they told me to contact NoMoRobo to report a false-positive. But NoMoRobo’s feature for doing this requires a NoMoRobo account, which we can’t get because Ooma has NoMoRobo’s features “built in”, (except, apparently, the ability to whitelist numbers, or contract anybody at all to have it fixed.)

(In my case Ooma is dumping calls from my cable company to confirm my service appointments.)

I have a Nomorobo account even though I am with Ooma. The only trick that you have to remember is to choose a different provider (besides Ooma) when setting up your account. Once you have the account setup, it is very easy to report a valid number.

It’s even worse than I thought.

I turned off the “Expanded Blacklist” feature so I’d avoid NoMoRobo. The next call from the cable company still ended up getting blocked; apparently from the “community blacklist”. It took two more e-mails back and forth with support to file a request to get the numbers removed from the community blacklist because apparently the reps don’t really know how to do this, and there’s no automated interface for making such a request.

Whatever process they have for adding numbers to the list is horribly broken, as today an automated call from my wife’s OB/GYN office (with her test results) ALSO got blocked.

I wonder how many other important calls I’m going to miss because Ooma cannot figure out how to deploy this feature properly. A whitelist would be a good start.

I also vote for a whitelist feature. I have a second line that I use for biz and/or faxes. So unless I know who’s calling, I don’t want or need that line to ring.

Please add the feature to block all calls except for contact list.

We strongly need two features:
(1) A checkbox to whitelist all numbers in our directories, and
(2) A list of blocked calls for safety’s sake with the easy ability to whitelist any blocked call in the future.

I had several calls from my doctor blocked at the VA. I would feel a lot more secure with these two important features.