Analog Modem Support

We need to use one of our lines to be dedicated to a connected Hayes 56K analog modem (currently connected to a land line). I have been unsuccessful getting a connection and Ooma Office disconnects the line attempt after 30 seconds. I have tried setting phone number up as a Fax but still no luck. Any suggestions? To make it clear, I am not dialing into a modem; I have users dialing in to our office to connect to our modem. I know it is ancient, but some of our customers still need this support. Was hoping to replace our modem line with one from Ooma Office.

This may have been addressed in another topic but I could not find anything. Thanks for any help you can provide.


Modems are not supported. Your best shot at getting this to work is the “FAX” mode, but it sounds like you’ve already tried that. You can also try connecting the modem to the Base Station directly (not using a Linx) or hard coding the modem for a lower speed modulation (anything over 9600 baud is pretty difficult for any VoIP link to support). But I suspect that you’ll probably need to keep your modem line. Sorry.

Thanks for the quick reply. I already lowered baud rate to 9600, but will try the main line as suggested. Hopefully we can wean out our users from the modem support.