after you port your old number..what happen to the new numbe

hi after you port your old number to the ooma telo, what will happen to the new ooma number? can they both be used to reach the ooma telo?

If you have premier, both number will stay in the account. If basic, the secondary number will drop off.

sorry i should made it more clear. I am talking about my old number(number A) and the primary number(number B) i get when i start ooma. So after the old number(A) has been ported to the primary number(b), can we still use the primary number(b) for calling the telo machine??

Ooma assigned number still works if premier because you get to have 2 numbers with premier.

During the Premier trial period when you port a number in (A) it becomes the primary number on the Telo. The number that was issued when the Telo was activated (B) is moved to the secondary number position on the Telo. If you opt out of paying for the Premier service the secondary number (B) will be deleted when the Premier trial expires. If you don’t opt out of Premier and pay for the service the secondary number will remain on the account.

i thought porting involves porting the old number to bridge or port forward it to the new number so anyone who dails the old number gets redirected to the new number.

Nope. Porting removes the old phone number from the old phone company and assigns it to the new phone company. The account with the old phone company is automatically canceled.

thank you