Advanced Codecs For Better Quality

It’s not 2008 any more, and many/most users are no longer using low bandwidth connections (ADSL). Are there any rumors, or hopes, of Ooma supporting better quality codecs like G.722 or OPUS for users with cable or fiber internet?

Hi pc-learner, Ooma Home uses iLBC by default but G.711 is also available to use instead which is of better quality as you know and may also be available for Ooma Office. I know it’s not answering your question but I hope this helps somewhat.

btw, Ooma allows testing using G.711 codec on a per call basis by dialing *98 before a phone number to enable it for that call only.

*96 Use low-bandwidth codec (iLBC) for this phone call, for Ooma Telo
*98 Use high-bandwidth codec (G711) for this phone call, for Ooma Telo

To enable G711 on your account for all calls by default, call Ooma’s support or through the chat and ask “Can you set the flag ‘RTP_USE_ULAW’ for my account/line” …it use to be through this post by Tom B has asked future requests to be done through chat:

To repeat, the details above apply to the Ooma Telo which may or may not be exactly the same for Office, which for all I know may use G711 by default already.