Account Number of Vmail Email URLs

For those of us with more than one phone/account number with Ooma, it would be nice to have the URL in the vmail notification email include the phone/account number of the phone number that received the vmail. (i.e. “?a=1234567890”) That URL should then be used by the web site to auto-populate the login screen. This would be a HUGE time savings when pulling email via the web site when using a cell phone’s tiny touch keyboard.

Then next step is then to have the “remember me” cookie share multiple account “remember me” settings. That way a person tapping the URL in a vmail notification email can be auto-logged in to the correct account if they’re willing to be remembered on the device being used. If they’re not willing to be remember, then at least the account number will be auto-populated, and the input cursor should be positioned to the password field.

Ultimately it would actually be best if all a user’s phone numbers could be managed from one common account. However I can accept that’s probably more involved, so I’m suggesting the above as being pretty easy to implement in the short term.

That would be a big security risk. Very easy to gain access to user accounts by hijacking email. I’m very glad it doesn’t work that way. I personally don’t use the remember me function because it lowers security to my account. I’d actually prefer to see an option for two-factor authentication, as long as it’s done right, not the way Twitter did it, which gives a false sense of security due to a flaw.

I’m not sure I fully understand what you are trying to accomplish by logging in all the time from your phone. If you have a smart phone, you can just listen to your message from the phone by choosing the option to attach an MP3 from your accounts. No need to log in all the time. The number that received the call is displayed in the email.

You can easily use filters in gmail to sort messages that contain the keywords “notify” and the two different numbers. A label can be automatically applied, allowing you to sort from either desktop, iPhone, iPad or Android device with the Gmail app.

Don’t use Gmail? Why not start? It’s free and you can retrieve mail from other accounts to integrate them into Gmail and even send from within Gmail as if it has come from those accounts.

In regard to the phone, I just tried out a Samsung S4. Great phone and it has a big screen and so a big keyboard as well.