Accidently Muted?

My cats occasionally walk over the base and reset things. The last time they did something to turn off the sounds so that I could not play voicemails from the base. It has been years and I do not recall what the solution is. Can I have some assistance with what to try please?

Put a box over it.

Two solutions come to mind. Both involve the following:

Press the leftmost key of the three in the top row.

Hmm…It seems to be occurring only in January:

Maybe kitty is cold and is trying to warm its toes on the Telo. Here is another solution:

The company says that cats stick to the heated mats like glue.

I clicked the sound key and it is not giving me the ability to hear on any of the taps (1-5). I am thinking cats initiated some sort of privacy or other setting?

Thanks for finding my old post! Apparently it was the sound back in 2013. Changing sound is not working at this point. Still not able to listen on the set. Thankfully, I can play them on my computer for now.

I will get a server dome for my Ooma. Lol.

There appears to be a hardware issue. The new speaker volume is not being saved.

Is there anything I can do?

Disregard my previous post. The volume not saving is a bug in a tool we use. The volume is saved when changing it from the touch panel. Your sound effects are on, so if you don’t hear anything when cycling through the volume levels the speaker has gone bad or there’s a loose wire.

I did the speaker test and it works. I got the tone. I tend to think it is a setting somewhere else.

Hub users ONLY can perform a speaker test by pressing, << Rew, >> FF and the TRASH CAN all at the same time then letting go. If the speaker is good you will hear a slightly increasing pitch. If the speaker is bad you will hear nothing and will need to contact Ooma Support. This will NOT work on a Telo.

when pressing the speaker icon you should hear the volume level being spoken

It works again. I have no idea why. I ran a sound test and hear the beep, was perplexed, tried the next message and it worked!

Mystery solved is a mystery, but I am good with it. Thanks for helping!