Ability to view extensions in use on IP phones

Everything with our new Oooma Office system has been great. There is just one feature I was hoping we could implement. I wish there was a way to setup the Cisco SPA504G so it would appear to show “active lines”. For instance, we have one office that is hard to see when someone is on the phone, and we don’t like to send people to their voicemail. Their extension is 104. I’d like it to show on our other phones when x.104 is using their phone.

The feature I am talking about appears to be available on several other VOIP systems like Vonage. They call it the Busy Lamp Field (BLF). It looks like it can be set up in the Configuration Utility of the phone. Any chance we can enable this on Ooma IP phones?
Link to the Vonage feature: http://businesssupport.vonage.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/21418/~/busy-lamp-field-(blf
Link to another hardware provider: http://kb.kerio.com/product/kerio-operator/configuring-phones-devices/how-to-configure-busy-lamp-field-blf-on-cisco-spa500s-832.html

It appears that this may be possible, but Ooma hasn’t implemented it yet? When I try to go into the Cisco phone configuration settings I am not allowed to access the administrator settings on the phone to possibly set this up. Is it possible I can be given this password to set it up myself, or have Ooma set it up for me? It would be so great if we could make this happen. I would need to map 2 of the phone’s line buttons to two of our extensions to show me when those two are on the phone.

Developers, please let me know if/when this could happen. It would make our Ooma Office experience perfect.

This is something we are also interested in.
We need a way for the receptionist to know when the extension is engaged.
Also, is the admin portion of the phone off limits to me? If not what is the user/pw?

Agreed this is an absolute must. Or allow an expansion module: