Ability to receive TEXT messages thru the Ooma phone number

It would be really handy to be able to send & receive TEXT messages thru my Ooma phone number.
As it is now, if friends try to send a TEXT to my Ooma number, I won’t even know cause it is considered a land line, with no TEXTING ability to receive/send.
Or it would be nice for them to get some kind of notice that the TEXT did not go thru, as it is a landline.

Much requested feature in the past - but if you use Google Voice, you can set up GV extensions with your Telo. Then when someone sends a text (SMS or MMS) to your GV number, it will show up on your tablet, computer, or smart phone. GV is free but if you want to keep your number you will have to first port it to a disposable cell phone then to GV. GV doesn’t port from VOIP or landline numbers. I have been using GV for years now and love how it integrates everything. One number for home, cell, vacation home, etc. People never know where you are - but you always get the call or text. If you number is not important (0urs was not) GV will let you pick from a list of numbers. We have several with repeating digits so it makes them easy to remember.

You cant use Google voice extensions with ooma office. Very frustrating. I wish my outbound caller ID could display my google voice number.

Please ooma, if you are not going to support receiving of text messages, then AT LEAST LET THE SENDER OF A TEXT MESSAGE KNOW THAT THEIR MESSAGE CANNOT BE DELIVERED!
Otherwise, they assume their message was delivered, and then a fiasco results, and no one is happy.

I have to emphasize:

Not being able to receive text messages in just an inconvenience, something we can live with.

On the other hand, not letting the sender of a text message know that their message could not be delivered can create all sorts of embarrassing situations. This is simply unacceptable.

This is such huge missing feature. Costing me business as people are texting and not understanding why i don’t receive.


… yeh it aint happenin

Silence is not golden. Anything? Bueller?

Ooma is on the analog telephone network and uses brick and mortar phone companies to connect to non Ooma phone numbers. There is no provision on the analog phone network for text messaging.

Here in Canada we are allowed to TXT with our Ooma number, only through the Mobile App.
I’m hope they make a Softphone so I can do Texting from my PC.