4-line phone....?

Hi all,

Just got a 4-line phone in…I don’t have all of the phone lines ported yet to try it out, but I’m wondering how Ooma Office handles 4 lines going out when the phone actually has two separate jacks for L1/L2 and L3/L4. Will I still be able to use all 4 lines if I only plug in one phone line to L1/L2? The phone I got was an AT&T 1070. Thanks.

Your new 4-line phone is made to connect to 4 distinct phone lines. To use it, you will have to use two 2-line splitters to separate the lines because each ooma device only supplies one line. You will also need to have 3 or 4 Linx units. Use one modular cord from each of the ooma PHONE jacks (one could be on the Telo Office itself) and connect the other ends to the two-line splitters. Note that the correct splitter will have jacks marked L1 and L2. There may also be an L1+L2 jack that you will leave empty.

Be aware that there may be additional costs for having 4 lines active.

Wouldn’t I need 3 splitters per station?

____________________________L1/L2 -------------------------------L2
Ooma Office box ---------- splitter
____________________________L3/L4 -------------------------------L3

Is that not the correct setup then?

No. Each ooma device only provides circuitry for one distinct call/conversation. It doesn’t matter what you plug into the PHONE jack on an ooma device, it will still only provide a single FXS circuit. Think of it as the equivalent to a highly featured single land line from a telephone company. If you purchase one land line from your telco, you can put all the splitters or phones in the jack and you will still have one land line. You will need the additional Linx units to provide the additional lines. And you will pay a charge for the additional lines.

There is only 1 phone line coming out of the Office box.
Each additional phone line requires a Linx to supply the wires to the phone.
As southsound said you will need at least 3 Linxs to be able to drive 4 separate phone lines.

Okay, I guess that cleared things up a bit. I have all the necessary Linx devices for 4 total phones and 3 lines…but will each phone be able to answer any of the lines?

If the phone lines from the Office and 3 Linxs are properly connected to each of the 4 line phones then yes each phone will be able to answer any of the lines.

Does there actually need to be a line running from each Ooma device (Linx/base station) to each phone to physically connect all lines to all phones?

Take an L1, L2, L1+L2 splitter, mentioned previously, and connect the Office phone jack to L1and a Linx jack to L2. Plug a 4 wire phone cable into L1+ L2.

Repeat the above using 2 Linxs.

Get 6 standard two way phone line splitters and put two at each of the first 3 phones.
Connect the plug part of a splitter to the L1+L2 jack on the first phone.
Connect the plug part of another splitter to the L3+L4 jack on the first phone.
Repeat this on the second and third phones.

Connect the 4 wire cable from the Office Linx splitter to one side of the splitter at phone 1.
Connect another 4 wire cable to the other side of the splitter at phone 1 and then connect the other end of the cable to one side of the splitter at phone 2.

Repeat the above until you have cables going to all 4 phones.

Then repeat the whole setup starting with the cable from the two Linxs to the L3+L4 splitter at the 1st phone.
Connect the L3+L4 run to all of the phones in the same manner as described for L1+L2.

I wish I could thumbs-up your post. I realize now the phones just had to be in a series connection, hooked it up and it works great. Thank you.

To add to my ever-increasing list of questions, my boss now wants me to drop the phone company entirely. He bought a “MagicJack” to use for the fax machine and credit cards, but the internet says it might handle faxes and won’t handle the cc machine. When he bought Ooma Office, he bought an extra Linx device. I have the first 4 basestation/Linx devices hooked to all 4 phones as previously mentioned, but now I’m wondering if I can add a separate line for the cc machine/fax and couple them together into one Linx device, port the old fax number and presto. Will it work?

It also appears that as many extensions as I have can make separate phone calls at the same time. Is this correct?

I can’t help you with the fax machine. It’s been at least 20 years since I used a fax machine. Hopefully someone else who has experience with them will chime in to help you.

If you mean extensions calling other extensions, yes.
If you mean extensions calling external numbers, that is limited by the number of lines that you purchased.