4-line analog system and phones

We’re looking into ooma to changeover a 4-line setup. What we would ideally like to do is use those analog 4-line panasonic/att/rca type phones with the use of the 4-line buttons on the phones for easy pickup and answering. Our office is a giant open concept so we don’t need ‘user’ extensions.

So my current understanding is that we would need to buy the following:

  1. Ooma base (comes with 2 linx devices)
  2. An additional linx device for the 4th line.

With installation I saw you can hook and connect in parallel using splitters and 2-line phone wire. etc. etc…

So now the question:

Say we have 4 numbers: XXX-XXX-2000 … 2003. Can the ooma system automatically if 2000 is busy, rollover to 2001 then 2002 then 2003 like you can setup with a regular telephone system? This is usually referred to as ‘hunting’. This would need to work with the 4-line buttons on the analog phones say this type of phone: