3rd Party Solicitations (phone and regular mail)

Since becoming a residential customer, I have seen an increase in the number of solicitation calls received on my home phone. Now that I am also a Ooma Office customer, I receive mail solicitations from businesses at my home address. I run a home office but use a PO Box address for my businesses and never give out my home address. When registering my Ooma Office account, I was forced to enter my home address (Ooma will not accept PO Boxes) and since then I receive mail with my business name at my home address.

Perhaps this is a coincidence, and I’ve spoken to a support supervisor that insists that Ooma does not share customer addresses or phone numbers with 3rd party vendors. However, I have a hard time believing this as I have never received mail addressed to my business at my home address before activating my Ooma Office account. Any thoughts?

Directory listing is included. Perhaps that’s why?